Franciszek Deptowicz born 1751

Franciszek was born in West Prussia, in Briesen. It was Polish town Wąbrzeźno – in these years did belong to Prussia with German name Briesen (known also as Frideck).

Wąbrzeźno, 1751 (click to zoom)

1751.11.01 in Wąbrzeźno was born Franciszek Deptowicz, son of Marcin & Dorota Deptowicz
[father’s status: civitate = citizen]
godfather: Wojciech Radzymiński, godmomther: Ewa Radzanowska

If Józef Depkowski was 28 years old, when he married Marianna Jankowicz [Yankovitsch] in 1775, Nov. 29th, in Wąbrzeźno, I can presume – Józef was born in 1747 also there.

Unfortunately the old church books were destroyed during wars. The oldest birth books are from 1751.

Who was Franciszek Deptowicz? Was he Józef’s brother?

Wąbrzeźno, 1775 Joseph Deptowicz married Maryanna Jankiewiczówna (click to zoom)

If so, that means we’ll know next generation: their parents Marcin & Dorota! 🙂

I still continue the research – – –

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