Zenobia Depkowski tree

Zena about 1926
Zena about 1926
This is a genealogical analyse of Zenobia Depkowski tree.

Zenobia was born in the USA, and lived her 101 years there, but her parents were from Poland and emmigrated to America.
The search concern only Polish roots of the tree.

Ancestor Pedigree Chart of Zenobia:
[actualized 2016-08-06]
[actualized 2016-08-06]


About the search

There are about 400,000 family names in Poland now — rare names and popular names.
For every name in the list above you can find the map of frequency and see, where they live in Poland. I added an etymology of the names too.

It’s easy to predict, rare names are easier to track than popular ones. That’s why in genealogy it’s important to tie the name with the place.

Old documents are indexed by names and places they were created. F.e. birth certificates you must search in archives for the place of birth, marriage certificates – place of marriage or death certificates – place of death.
In Poland old documents are in State Archives and in Parish Archives Providing the Files of Civil State.
Documents of civil state younger than 100 years are accessible mostly for relatives only (it depends from the people).

There are also other documents – from guilds about proffessioinal career; from an army – about wars; from schools – about education, from registrations of living and other.

Every researcher must know, that in Poland — after wars and years of captivity – many documents were worn out.
On the other side: the documents can be wrong – old scribes often made mistakes and errors, the people often were illiterate and couldn’t check what scribes writes; the people consciously present false data.

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