Grzegorzewski, Grzegorzewska — from district Rypin

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from the first name Grzegorz = Gregory (from gregoriós in Greek = zealous, waking)

[source: Kazimierz Rymut — Nazwiska Polaków, Publ. Ossolineum 1991]


It’s quite common name. In 1990’s there were 4254 people named Grzegorzewski in Poland.

[source: Najpopularniejsze nazwiska w Polsce (20,000 most popular names in Poland in 1990’s]

Statistic Map


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[Source: These maps were created about 1997 on page]

1928 men and 2243 women = 4171 persons with the name Grzegorzewski (-ska) lived in Poland.
About 100 years ago ancestors of Teodozja Depkowska born Grzegorzewska lived here:

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