Radzimiński, Radzimińska — from Skępe?

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From the city name Radzimino (known since 15 century) – the city name comes from the personal name Radzima, short form of Radzimir.

[source: Kazimierz Rymut — Nazwiska Polaków, Publ. Ossolineum 1991]


It’s quite rare name. In 1990’s there were 419 people named Radzimiński in Poland.

[source: Najpopularniejsze nazwiska w Polsce (20,000 most popular names in Poland in 1990’s]

Statistic Map


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[Source: These maps were created about 1997 on page moikrewni.pl]

187 men and 232 women = 419 persons with the name Radzimiński (-ska) lived in Poland.


Lubicz - coat of arms
Lubicz – coat of arms

Radzimiński of coat Lubicz vel Luba-Radzimiński, Radzymiński, big Mazovian family, primaly nested in a Mazovian village Radzymin in Ciechanów district, parish Klembów. The village is known since 15th century — as Radzimino in 1406, as Radzimin in 1567.
Still in 17th century the family owned other village Zagdzewo, and sometimes they were named Zagdzewski from Radzimino. Son of Artyfik Zagdzewski from Radzymin was named Florian Radzymiński, he was a heir in Pepłowo in Płock voivodeship, member of Parliament and an elector in 1674.
Three Florian sons created three family lines.
The first moved to Greater Poland (Wielkopolska), the 2nd to Lublin voivodeship, and the 3rd to Volyn (Volhynia, Volynia, now in Ukraine).
Radzimiński family was confirmed with the nobility in Kingdom of Poland in years 1836-1861. Between them there was 1 voivode (Governor) and 1 Castellan 1720-1820.

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Kazimierz Rymut — Nazwy miast Polski, Publ. Ossolineum 1987]