Here are the roots of family Szablewski  (Szablewska).

Antique mill in Lubianki-Nietrzeba [Wikimedia]
Antique mill in Lubianki-Nietrzeba [Wikimedia]

Lubianki is located north of the Vistula river in Chrostkowo commune.


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About Lubianki

Small village in Chrostkowo commune (gmina), Lipno district (powiat). In 2011 there were 81 inhabitants.

About Chrostkowo
Parish church under call holy Barbra, in Chrostkowo, built 1709
Parish church under call holy Barbra, in Chrostkowo, built 1709

Commune village in Lipno distrikt. In 2011 there were 368 inhabitants.
Parish is here since 1502.
In year 1827 there were 22 houses in Chrostkowo and 210 inhabitants.
During so called January uprising, 22 April 1863, in nearby village Nietrzeba a fight took place between Russian forces and the Polish soldiers (the commemorative cross was uncovered after 130 years, in 1993 r., in Nietrzeba – the obelisk consecrated this event).
In the end of 19th century it was a communal locality in Rypin district, with 293 inhabitants (105 men and 186 women). In village there were 56 peasant settlements and 39 habitable houses. The area of agricultural fields was about 178 morgens (1 morgen = 0,56 ha).
Nearby goods Chrostkowo about area 2301 morgens, Chrostkowo consisted from farm and Maidan as well as settlings milling Chrostkowo. In 9 habitable houses (2 of bricks) lived 165 inhabitants there.
There were goods: inn, smithy, saw-mill, water-mill over brook Ruziec.