Teodozja Grzegorzewska, Zena’s Grandmother


After long research at last I found her records in archives!
I had false data on start. I knew, that

Bolesław’s mother (grandmother of Zenobia) Teodozja Grzegorzewska was born in 1869 (!) in Golub (now Golub-Dobrzyń in Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province). The date was rough — counted from the passengers’ list only.

Common name, wrong birth date, wrong birth place… It was not easy, but after 3 years at last I found real documents! It’s a success!
Teodozja Grzegorzewska – as a woman – got younger in America.
Actually Teodozja was born on May 1st, 1865 (!) in Obory and her christening took place on May 7th, 1865 in parish Ruże. Continue reading “Teodozja Grzegorzewska, Zena’s Grandmother”